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Active Agility Sports Equipment

Multi Use Pull Up Bar

Multi Use Pull Up Bar

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Discover new ways to challenge your limits with our Multi Use Pull Up Bar! Made with reinforced steel and high quality material, it's perfect for whole body workouts indoors and outdoors. Get creative and engage in a variety of exercises, from Pull ups to Sit ups to Inverted Rows to push you to the next level. Install quickly and easily at home and start your journey in home workouts today.

The reinforced steel frame rod system is suitable for training your biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and abdominal muscles. It is an excellent all round fitness tool. 

The lever is equipped with a soft grip sponge, which is comfortable on the hands and provides a stable experience during exercise. The bar is made with the highest level of materials and you will notice the difference when working out. 

This Multi use Pull Up Bar is easy to install and expands to 130cm while using no screws and can be quickly installed or removed from the door, walls, hallway etc. The Bar is fixed in place with a simple twist of the locking key, no other complicated procedures or steps, saving time and effort. The bar has a spirit level installed on the top of the bar to ensure you can balance the bar perfectly. 

The Workout video shows current Kildare senior footballer Mick O'Grady using the bar for a whole body workout, showing that the Multi use bar can be used to target any part of the body. 


Pullups/ Chinups



Inverted rows

Tricep dips


90cm expanding to 130cm - Please ensure your door frame or wall to wall can fit a minimum of 90cm. Clockwise to extend the bar towards locking sign.





Bar material = Reinforced steel and high quality foam handles. 2x Rubber Wall mounts to protect the wall


Increase Overall Strength.

Perfect for homework outs. 

Multi use workout Bar. 

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