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Adjustable Kettlebells

Adjustable Kettlebells

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Adjustable Kettlebells offer weight selection from 2kg to 18kg – simply add or remove plates to adjust the weight level in seconds with a simple twist of the tab selector. Each plate is marked in kilograms which allows the user to know exactly what they are lifting. Our steel plates are designed to stand the test of time and make this kettlebell a long-term investment you won't regret! What are you waiting for?

7 KETTLEBELLS IN 1 – Great space-saving, economical and functional, convenience and versatility to provide you with plenty of workout options. Ask yourself how much more each individual kettlebell from 2kg to 18kg would cost you? 

Can be used by all fitness levels and is great for home or outdoor workouts with the minimum of space needed to store the adjustable Kettlebell. 

Workouts include, squats, lunges, RDLs, Overhead press, kettlebell swings, Russian twists and many more. Detailed workout manual and Tracker included.

Choose from: 9kg or 18kg option.

Material: Handle and plates are made from steel and weight selector is reinforced plastic. 

Colour: White plates with red weight selector.

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