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8mm two sided TPE Yoga Mat

8mm two sided TPE Yoga Mat

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8mm Yoga Mat:

The 8mm two sided TPE Yoga Mat provides exceptional back support and cushioning comfort. The eco-friendly 6-foot mat is made of TPE for superior grip and durability, and includes a bonus carrier handle for easy transport. Compared to competitors, our yoga mat delivers unbeatable value.

The 8mm two sided TPE Yoga Mat acts as a comforter between the user and the ground, this is important because it takes away the pressure that would otherwise be felt from exercising on the hard ground itself. 

Our 8mm two sided TPE Yoga Mat are also Eco-Friendly and are made using recycled Polyester and cotton material call Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). All our Yoga mats come with a premium colour matching carrier handle to help with storing and carrying the Yoga Mat. 

Give these 8mm two sided TPE Yoga Mat a try and you'll notice the difference in comfort, quality, price and style. 



1.83M X 61cm X 8mm TPE


Top quality and comfort level Yoga Mat.

Easily stored with a carrier handle included.

Increased grip compared to using a bare floor.

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