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Active Agility Sports Equipment

11 Piece Resistance Bands

11 Piece Resistance Bands

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11 Piece Resistance Bands ON SALE

Active Agility Sports Equipment 150lbs(68kg) Resistance Bands with Handles are the perfect piece of workout equipment that trains the whole body. Great for training in areas such as speed and agility, aerobics, flexibility, strength and general conditioning. They are also ideal for warm up stretching, injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. Workout manual included with each 11 Piece Resistance Bands pack sold. 

The Active Agility 11 Piece Resistance Bands pack comes with five different Strength colours of resistance bands totalling 150lbs(68kg) of strength. This allows you to change the rate of intensity of the exercises you perform with the resistance bands. The pack comes with handles for the resistance bands that can be used for inverted rows, curls, resistance push ups. The 11 Piece Resistance Bands are excellent for everyone young or old in order to maintain and improve muscle strength.


Most competitors offer resistance bands packs totalling 100lbs(45kg) of strength/resistance for a similar or a more expensive price compared with the Active Agility Pack you get 150lbs(68kg) of strength/resistance and the best quality package. 


Benefits of the11 Piece Resistance Bands:

Used to strengthens upper, core and lower body.

Attachment included for the door allowing upper and lower body workouts.

All in one workout low-cost product.

Increases overall fitness and strength.

Helps prevent injury and improves injury rehabilitation.

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