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Premium Foam Handle Skipping Rope

Premium Foam Handle Skipping Rope

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Reach your fitness goals in no time with this Premium Foam Handle Skipping Rope! With its easy-to-use design, great grip and comfort, and made-to-last construction, you'll be skipping like a pro in no time - and all at a great value. So why wait? Get jumping!

By using a skipping rope during your exercise routine, you'll be provided with a vast array of fantastic health benefits. They Improve the strength of your lower leg muscles and also are great for increasing cardio fitness.

The video shows the quality of how smoothly the Foam Handle Skipping Rope rotates. This is a top quality skipping rope that can be adjusted easily with screw cap openings on each handle. This skipping rope can be used by beginners to advanced athletes. 


35x155mm Handle and 3x8mm rope. Includes Carrier Bag



Increase cardio fitness.

Build leg strength.

 Extra comfort with foam handles and durable rope.

Adjustable length of skipping rope.

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