High Quality Packaging


Active Agilty Sports Equipment takes pride in making sure goods are delivered correctly and safely. While I was working in the gym equipment/ fitness industry or even ordering my own personal equipment for my own use, I have noticed a lack of care and quality in the packaging of good being delivered. For a lot of companies it's an afterthought about what packaging they use to send the equipment to the customer, usually black wrap or a unprotected packaging material is used that's low cost and time saving on the companies side.

Be sure to do some research before you order from a company and ensure that they take great care in packaging and posting your purchases. Just because a company is the cheapest doesn't mean it's the best option, they should provide the customer with the way they package the equipment and how it's posted, how long it will take and refund policy. 

This was a big area for me as I wanted to make sure the customer was happy with how the product arrived to their door. I always use bubble wrap when packaging each individual piece of equipment. I have invested in high quality logo branded small and large cardboard boxes for nationwide postage delivery, that are delivered within 1-2 days. For pick up or local delivery I invested in logo branded high quality carrier bags that are delivered the same day by myself. This will help keep the products ordered by the customer protected and reduce customer dissatisfaction. 

Ask yourself what other gym/workout equipment company does the same as Active Agility Sports Equipment?

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